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DRISA INFOTECH is constantly poised to deliver practical innovative technology that brings comfort, convenience and peace of mind to its customers. Hence, we have launched into the current evolution in global ICT space – the application of Internet of Things ( IoT) to automate business processes with the sole aim of maximizing the overall productivity and capacity of organizations and individuals.

With AUTOMATION and SMART TECHNOLOGY, we have crafted unique solutions that serve the Home, Office, Schools and Security Applications as follows:

Smart Home/Office Automation

DRISA INFOTECH is a company with special interest on innovative ideas. We have developed a SMART HOME and OFFICE solutions that addresses our customer’s critical needs – Energy cost reduction, remote access control and security concerns. With this solution, you can comfortably and conveniently access or manage your home and office (including all the devices & equipment) irrespective of where you are located on the globe.

Our smart home/office solutions include: Lighting System, Entertainment System, HVAC System, Water Solution and Security System. All these are integrated together and can be controlled from your smart phone or your home panel.

Security Systems

As crime rate increases and threat to lives and properties are on the rise, the effectiveness of security surveillance (CCTV, Access control etc) systems as a crime prevention tool cannot be over emphasized.

We offer different security solutions from: Wireless Security Solution, Wired Security Solutions, Fire Alarm System, Intruder Alarm System, Access Control, Smart Security, Smart Door lock, Window Security, Motion Sensors and Bio Metric Alert Sensor.

Our Automation IP security systems that can help remotely monitor your environment, make it safer and also provide facilities that can assist you to investigate incidents of theft and burglary. This access is possible from anywhere you are globally.

Multimedia Solutions

Information and idea communication has been made simple through interactive digital applications – Sound, Graphics, Videos, etc.

We offer the SMARTEST choice for hospitality and home entertainment through IPTV Happy Hotel and Multi-dwelling solutions. In our new face of entertainment and TV Distribution, we deliver happiness, comfort, satisfaction and fulfilment to hotel guests and homes with TIME/COST savings as value add.

DRISA also provide video conferencing as a solution to enhance communication and collaboration between employees, partners and customers for business productivity, efficiency and speed.

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